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Freight transportation

We offer freight transportation services, which involves moving goods from one location to another. This service includes arranging for the pickup of goods, transportation, and delivery to the final destination.

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We have our own warehousing facilities across USA. This service is useful for businesses that need to store their goods temporarily before they are shipped to their final destination.

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Customs brokerage

We offer customs brokerage services to help navigate the complex process of customs clearance. This service can include preparing and submitting customs documentation and ensuring compliance with regulations.

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Logistics management

We provide logistics management services, which involve coordinating the movement of goods across multiple modes of transportation. This service can help businesses optimize their supply chain and reduce transportation costs.

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Expedited shipping

For urgent or time-sensitive shipments, we offer expedited shipping services that prioritize the delivery of goods. This service is often more expensive than standard shipping but can be critical for businesses that need to meet tight deadlines.

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Tracking and monitoring

We offer tracking and monitoring services that allow customers to track the status of their shipments in real-time. This service can provide peace of mind and help businesses plan for the delivery of their goods.

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